We use only professional Hikvision systems, you can add or upgrade your cameras or recorders if new systems are launched or your needs will change.

 All systems have mobile app with live view, motion notifications and records play option.

  We can fit cameras with night colour view or standard IR blasters, with or without built in microphone. Professional installed cables and cameras are recognized by bad people and keep them away from your property, professional set recorder make you sure the videos are safe. Our experience let you chose the cameras optimal for your property and needs, our tools let as install them where the optimal view is.


 Professional installed systems make you sure 
the system is working correctly


Professionally fitted system is characterized by the fact that the customer has the freedom to choose, cameras, mounts, location and type of recorder, etc. This means that the cost is quoted individually. We can only outline the approximate cost of the sets most often chosen by our customers.

A set of two or three 5MP full hd cameras with a 4-channel recorder and a 1tb disk on average cost  £ 500- £ 600 fitted.